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Udaan Foundation was founded in 2007 by Dr. (Prof.) Amit Varma in 2007 with the aim dedicated to improving all citizen’s life by initiating various activities such as medical welfare programs for medically under-served section of the society, scholarship programs for the talented medical graduates and postgraduates, social welfare programs for the vulnerable members of the society and to drive academic research in the field of medicine.

Udaan is a registered organization (Registration number 236/2006/2007/22865D/1155) dedicated to the healthcare in India. We are committed, at the first step, towards providing healthcare, especially diabetes care to the rural India and to our elders in the  urban India. The members of the organization are from all walks of life; they are doctors, psychologists, engineers, social workers who are dedicated to the cause. We have  dreams of providing healthcare at every doorstep free of cost, create awareness in the masses and provide health education to the medical and paramedical personnel.

Since its inception in 2007, the foundation is a committed to the needs of Diabetics in the region. It has organized various General camps and Diabetes camps, provided free medicines for the cause besides following them up. The foundation has adopted the village and has provided comprehensive health care, especially in the field of diabetes. Its commitment to the field of Diabetes has been triggered by the fact that the estimated global prevalence of type II diabetes will rise from about 160 million in the year 2000 to approximately 215 million in 2010 and about 300 millions by 2020. The three nations with the greatest numbers of individuals with diabetes in 1995 were India (19.4 million) China (16.0 million), and the United States (13.9 million). In 2025, the rankings will be unchanged, but the absolute number will increase dramatically in India (57.2 million) and China (to 37.6 million). There is an almost three fold increase in the prevalence of the disease in the rural area in the last two decades (from 2.1 to 6.3%).

The aims and objectives of the society are as follows-

  1. To provide Diabetes health care at every door step in the community.
  2. To create an awareness in the community and the society regarding the disease, its prevention and the management.
  3. To educate the paramedical staff and other health personnel regarding diabetes care and management.
  4. To generate resources within the community to efficiently manage the disease.
  5. To provide healthcare to the remotest area and the most needy
  6. To provide health care to both the rural and urban areas of the community


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide healthcare at every doorstep. We aim to achieve it through our programs which are as follows-

  1. Community Health Care Services (CHCS)

Udaan is primarily committed to provide best healthcare facilities to a common man and to ease the economic burden of the society. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we plan to target different areas of healthcare. With this aim, Udaan has following initiatives-

 Diabetes Care At Doorstep (DAD) –Rural plan

More than 70% of India is rural. There have been advances and progress in the field of Medicine, yet, they have been mostly confined to larger towns and cities. The awareness and healthcare facilitiesin the villages have improved markedly in the last few years, but much is to be achieved. There is a gradual trend for urbanization of rural India but the health care facilities are still rural. Udaan provide screening of diabetes by qualified medical and paramedical professionals at their residences. They also do certain investigations during the screening which is also sponsored by the organization.

The sufferers are supervised for the management and the baseline medicines are provided free of cost. Network of our volunteers visit every family of the sufferers and provide counseling and other services at doorstep. Besides medical services, the volunteers also provide education toe the patients and their family members.

Diabetes Care At Doorstep (DAD) –Urban plan

We respect our elders and express it by providing healthcare to our senior citizens (above 60 years)under our Senior Citizen Diabetes Plan (SCDP). SCDP is principally for the urban population to provide diabetes care for patients above 60 years who are not covered under any medical benefit plan. Just like our rural plan, the volunteers screen our senior citizens at their residences and provide medical care free of cost.

Medical Education

No plan or project is successful without education at every level. Udaan Foundation organizes conferences and workshops with the aim to educate and spread awareness. Udaan is currently organizing SOUTH-EAST DIABETES FOUNDATION CONFERENCE-SEADFCON 2016 along with the Indian College of Physicians on 26th November, 2016 at Dehradun. Besides, the Foundation has also organized Diabetes Update 2015 at Dehradun , National Insulin Summit at Mussoorie besides number of workshops and CMEs.

The foundation plans to launch their Distance Education Programs (DEP) in the form of certificate courses for Doctors and paramedics.


The organization proposes to have two scholarships to promote the cause and recognize the talent in the field of Medicine. These scholarships are-

  1. Scholarship for the outstanding Medical graduate
  2. International Scholarship in the field of diabetes research

Health Insurance Plan

Less than 1% of the Indian population is insured for their health related problems. With the rising cost of medical treatment and investigations, the insurance remains the only answer. The time has come where health needs are required to be give due importance and society be aware of the significance of insurance in healthcare. The Udaan plans to provide group insrance to the rural areas covered under health plan.


SEAD Foundation

South East Asia Diabetes Foundation

(Founded by Dr. Prof. Amit Varma)

 South East Asia Diabetes Foundation is an organization functioning for the Diabetes care under UDAAN. UDAAN is a society working for the Diabetes care and education and is registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 by the Registrar of Societies vide Certificate no. 236/2006/2007/22865D/1155

South East Asian Diabetes Foundation has been established to fight the consequences  of diabetes and to help those who are affected by the disease. The Association aims to fund the research, cure and prevent diabetes; delivers services to the communities, provide information to both the communities and caregivers and abreast them with the latest. It has been long realized that the south-east Asian countries share a common environment, almost similar lifestyle and environment. They have their own systems of indigenous Medicine which is ages old. There is a need for the clinicians from these countries to come closer, share their skills and knowledge and help applying them to the communities. Such an association would encourage development of resources to contain the disease.

Further, the aim of the organization would not just to deliver information, but also to work at the grass root level to reach the most under privileged in the community. The programs would be based on the common consensus of the members within the framework of the international laws.

It has been long observed that India has been labeled as the Diabetes Capital of the world with the highest number of Diabetics residing in the country next to China. The South East Asian Countries fall in the same socioeconomic zone a body which would be a unit of Udaan Foundation and would function under the complete control of “UDAAN” Foundation. The Executive body of Udaan foundation would have administrative, financial and other controls as deemed necessary.

It has been long observed that India has been labeled as the Diabetes Capital of the world with the highest number of Diabetics residing in the country next to China. The South East Asian Countries fall in the same socioeconomic zone where changing lifestyles from traditional to westernized has created an epidemic of Diabetes in these countries also. Practically entire south-east Asian region has many common characteristics in terms of genotype and phenotype which affect the outcome of sustained hyperglycemia. Barring a  few exceptions, health care set up in these countries is similar in many aspects with a large public sector and private sector catering to populations belonging to different socioeconomic strata. The prevalence of different traditional systems of medicine also complicates health care delivery which requires more research and needs to be considered in comprehensive diabetes care. An exchange of information regarding strategies, treatments and healthcare outcomes between neighbours is required. This society desires to bring together participants involved in management of Diabetes across man made boundaries to the common goal of minimizing the sufferings of mankind by sharing of information, learning from experiences of peers and active research on various aspects of management of diabetes.

Besides, this region have got their own traditional systems of healthcare since ages. This wealth of experience needs to be explored further to make it a part of mainstream health system based on reasonable evidence.

SEADF announcements

  • SEADFCON-2016 on 26th November, 2016
  • Poster presentation on 26.11.2016
  • Executive board meeting on 25.11.2016

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